Verwood Historical Society is pleased to give access to the Parish Records which members have transcribed over the years.   These give much information about the families who lived in Verwood.

Our transcriptions of these records are intended for personal use and not in any commercial capacity nor for wholesale copying to other websites or publications.




Early census returns come as a separate section under the umbrella of Cranborne parish and include the parts of Three Legged Cross now incorporated into the Ecclesiastical and Civil parish of Verwood.

Returns are the work of different Census Enumerators who entered the information as they saw fit.   In several instances the birthplace is given as Cranborne, indicating somewhere within that large parish and not necessarily restricted to the town itself.   Others are more specific for instance Verwood.

Crown Copyright

Census Returns are Crown Copyright and transcriptions are provided here by permission of HMSO under Licence No. C02W0003862.

Copies of the original handwritten returns can be viewed at the Public Record Office, Kew:  Family History Centre, Islington:  Dorset History Centre (formerly Dorset Record Office) and other location.   Our transcriptions should be checked against them for accuracy.




Until 1887 Verwood was in the Ecclesiastical Parish of Cranborne, Dorset.   Marriages of Verwood people before that date will be found in the Cranborne Registers.    Prior to this, Verwood Anglican Church was not licensed to conduct marriages.

In 1829 Verwood was granted an Anglican Chapel of Ease, later rebuilt as St. Michael and All Angels Parish Church.   From this time Baptisms and Burials could take place in Verwood.    The mother church kept the registers for a while until Verwood recorded its own entirely from 1840.  

In 1887 Verwood became an Ecclesiastical Parish in its own right, for a short time including West Moors.

Verwood Historical Society has recorded, over the years, the Baptisms, Marriages and Burials which took place at the Anglican Church and those of some Verwood people from the Cranborne registers.    

Between times the Independent  Chapel, later Congregational and then United Reformed Church and the Methodist Church kept a record of their baptisms which have been preserved between certain dates.

The original registers have been deposited in Dorset History Centre (formerly Dorset Record Office) and our records should be checked against them for accuracy.
Copies of all or some of these Records are also available through Dorset Family History Society.

Tithes were the tenth part of a person’s produce which was paid in kind annually to the church.  Tithe maps were made following the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 which provided for the commutation of tithes into a money payment.   The maps accompanied an award or schedule.   Three copies of the document were made: 

The apportionment or award gives details for each individual property including a description, the name of the owner and occupier, its acreage and cultivation.   Some properties were not included on the award for a variety of reasons, the principal being that the land was owned by the tithe owner.   

Verwood’s Tithe Map and Apportionment is dated 1847.   Unfortunately the map is too large to be reproduced on this website but can be seen at Dorset History Centre.    However, if you wish to know where in Verwood the property was situated please e-mail us.

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