The census was taken of people in the house or establishment at midnight on the dates given below.   Schedules would be left at each house beforehand by the local Enumerator and collected afterwards.   If the householder was illiterate or confused by the form then the Enumerator would fill it in with the information given.

The information would depend on who in the household was available to give it and how much they knew of the occupants, especially in multiple occupancy dwellings such as Inns, Boarding Houses and Institutions.

Often in the ten year interval between the census, details such as the birthplace might differ considerably or be given in greater or lesser degree such as hamlet, village, parish and even county or country in which it was situated.


1841        Sun/Mon 6th/7th June

1851        Sun/Mon 30th/31st March

1861        Sun/Mon 7th/8th April

1871        Sun/Mon 2nd/3rd April

1881        Sun/Mon 3rd/4th April

1891        Sun/Mon 5th/6th April

1901        Sun/Mon 31st March/1st April



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1841    All Verwood

1851    East Section

            West Section

1861    East Section

            West Section

1871    East Section

            West Section

1881    East Section       

            West Section      

1891    East Section

            West Section

1901    North-East Section       

            South-West Section