Then and Now 2


This series of photographs shows scenes from Verwood as they were in the early 20th Century

and again in 2002


Until the early 1960s, Margards Lane was just a dirt track across the Common


Today there is housing along the western side but the old house "St. Annes" renamed "Tennyson Cottage"remains on the right


Dewlands Way was also an unmade track until very recent years


Now it is on a bus route, with Bridleways to the right


Baker's Farm, on the left, in Station Road, looking towards Cranborne


Station Road with a new roundabout.    Fire Station to left and Berkeley Close right


The original Baker's Farm in Station Road, looking towards the Crossroads

The outline of Hopkins' Newsagency can be seen between the trees


Hopkins' Newsagency closed at the end of 2005 but the building is still there.

Everything else has changed


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