Verwood & Three Legged Cross




All Saints was built in Church Road in 1893 as a daughter church to St. Michael and All Angels.    It was originally of corrugated iron and known as "The Tin Church".     Further pictures are shown in the Three Legged Cross section of this website.   This shows a side view with the attendant hall.   In 1957 it was cased in stone which gave it a more picturesque appearance but later led to structural failings.   Because of this it was demolished in 1994 and a purpose built complex of church, hall and Priest's house built on the site, rededicated the following year.



The Congregational, now United Reformed Church which stands in Ringwood Road was built in 1891.   There had been previous chapels including one which stood from at least the early 19th century across the road on land owned by the Golding family.  



A tiny Primitive Methodist Chapel was erected in a field further along Ringwood Road to the east.    It was declared redundant towards the end of the 20th Century and has been converted and extended into a delightful dwelling.



The Gospel Hall in Ringwood Road was first opened in 1934 by a small congregation and began life in a wooden shed in the garden of Vine Cottage.    It was replaced in 1935 by a larger wooden building leaving the former one as a hall.   Its greatly increased congregation now meets in the purpose built brick Evangelical Chapel  next door which was opened in 1976.    The story of the Chapel and its congregation is told in Ken Orman's excellent book "In a Small Village".

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St. Michael & All Angels with All Saints

Evangelical Chapel

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